• Risk Management

    Core to any successful trading has risk management at its heart. We believe that a robust risk management policy is vital within any trading environment.

  • Risk Tolerance

    USDX.CH understands that each client is an individual and as such have different risk appetite. It is critical that we assess our clients’ suitability to access our alpha products.

  • Risk Category

    It is important to choose a product which is best suited to your personal risk appetite. Risk is measured in alpha.

  • Asset Class Solutions

    This product is aimed at the normal investor who has a reasonable risk appetite.

  • “USDX.CH puts Transparency, Trust and Competence at the forefront of our company’s framework„

  • “USDX.CH was built on Traditional Values, aimed at providing our investors the ability to make informed decisions to the selection of our products”

  • “Our team are front line Generals, who have been on active service for decades and are also the key to our successful delivery"

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